If you are planning to move across a few states, you need to plan ahead and contact the right moving company to get your stuff to your destination as efficiently and cheaply as possible. That includes getting your car, SUV, recreational vehicle or boat along with the move. It’s not that difficult finding the automobile transport quote for your budget needs.  A simple online visit to any of the shipping companies will help you.

Requirements for Price Quotes

Unless you already have a transport broker who can take care of your moving needs without the hassle, it always pays to do your own comparative shopping among the shipping companies. To get the best deal, you need to understand a few things about an automobile transport quote.  Here are a few things to remember:

The basic requirements are your origin and destination points. They provide the distance needed to compute for your quote. Needless to day, the farther the distance, the more expensive since shipping is often priced at X dollars per mile.  Many online calculators will require the city, state, and/or ZIP code information for each point.

Your car’s model and make determine the size and weight, which are used to compute for the volumetric weight. This has a huge bearing on the rates, especially when it is exported overseas. This includes even the domestic points like Alaska and Hawaii or US territories like Guam, Saipan or Puerto Rico.

Some online calculators will also ask for the model year or if the car is a vintage or modern car. It may also ask if it is currently registered or is considered junk. This will be used as input to their basic insurance costings. Vintage cars may carry a higher insurance premium while junks carry a lower coverage cost, if any.

Date of move determines if it falls during their peak or lean months. Moving during peak season will ensure that you get a higher quote. Also, moving during the peak months can be problematic as most reputable container transport Brisbane companies have their schedules full.

Other information like door-to-door, terminal-to-terminal, using open bed or containerize shipping may also be required if the shipper offers these options.

Understanding Price Quotes

Once you get your online automobile transport quote, there may be information that may require a little more dissecting so you can make an apple-to-apple comparison.

  • The price quote is often not just a single figure. For a given origin and destination, along with the car model or make, the quote can include optional prices for priority shipping that can be branded variously as Premium or Special. This means the delivery can take the shortest period, typically 1-5 days depending on distance. Expect this to be at least $100 higher than standard shipping.
  • Some automobile transport quote may already be inclusive of basic insurance while others provide a separate optional quotation for insurance.  When comparing shipping companies, be sure you are comparing quotes with the same content.  There are also quotes that are already inclusive of basic insurance, but will also provide quotes for optional insurance covers with higher premium rates.
  • Some quotes may include a lower economy or discounted shipping rate if done on certain days of the year, or with longer delivery lead times.
  • If the information requested didn’t ask for your preferred mode of transport (e.g., flat bed trailers, container van, rail, RORO or airfreight shipment), the automobile transport quote may also include the pricing for each of the modes.