If you had been working at Australia and found a stable job there, mainly because you’ve found a good employer, you should also think about getting an employer nomination scheme or also known as the subclass 186 that would give you the authority to permanently reside in Australia no matter where country you’ve came from. Getting an employer nomination scheme had its own set of advantages and disadvantages, too. If you’re thinking about starting a new life in Australia because you are thinking that you’ve finally found your luck there, then it’s about time you get an employer nomination scheme. For more information visit Migration Australia.

Before anything else, employer nomination scheme is a visa that would let your employer to choose the most talented and skillful workers that had been working for him for quite a while. Once you are nominated, you would be given a chance to have a permanent residency at Australia and make your life even better. Basically, employer nomination schemes had been divided into 3 streams. First is the temporary residence transition where you had worked for a certain employer for over two years on a 457 visa. You can have a chance to be exempted from taking the migration skill assessment. Other than that, licensing is required for this certain occupation. Second one is the direct entry system where you had successfully met all the authority requirements that would assess your skills. You must be working for your employer for at least three years in order to apply earlier rather than spending two years of your life for you 457 visa. Registration is also a requirement in applying this certain occupation. The last one is the Agreement Stream where in this would only be applicable for employers that have Labour Agreement in place.

You know too well that once you had been nominated, you are no longer to take the English exam for 186 visa and even your migration skill assessment will not be required at all although licensing and registration should not be missed for requirements in this certain occupations. You are also going to spend for just about 4-6 months to process. However, the downside is that you can’t nominate yourself. Your employer himself would be the one who has the only power to nominate you. A training requirement is also mandatory. If you want to apply, there are numerous organizations that could help you with this once you’ve finally made your mind.