The Salmon River Fire Safe Council states:

“The Primary Mission of the Salmon River Fire Safe Council is to help plan, monitor and implement the reinstatement of natural fire regimes in the Salmon River ecosystem in a manner that protects life, property, improves forest health, and enhances the resources valued by its stakeholders.”

This watershed-wide Council’s emphasis on the protection of the Salmon River drainage system and ecosystem — in addition to reducing risks to human life and property — makes it somewhat unique among many other county and local Fire Safe Councils throughout the state. The Salmon River FSC serves as an “oversight committee” that stands to assist local Fire Safe Councils within the region and to help residents recognize the numerous valuable functions associated with the Salmon River system. Need fire extinguishers service in Australia and looking for a best service provider company? No need to go any where else visit here

The Salmon River FSC is taking a holistic perspective and a proactive role in encouraging pre-fire fuel reduction projects to reduce the risks to the assets in their area. The group has been active in helping area residents identify important assets that need to be protected from the risk of catastrophic wildfire. These assets include unique scenic views, recreational opportunities, private residences, historic buildings, timber, power generation and an important watershed system. The Council has determined their main concern to be “watershed overall, ecosystem, fisheries and people’s homes.”

On the Council’s website, one of its participants is quoted as saying: “Our objective is to get local community input to help our own community on our own terms, rather than the State or Federal government coming in and saying ‘you need to do that!”.

This desire to tailor the strategies for fuel reduction within the watershed area is consistent with the California Department of Forestry and Fire Prevention (CDF) examination of each county, individually, to identify areas of highest wildfire risk, considering 50 years of past fire history. The Salmon River FSC serves as an “oversight committee” that stands to assist local Councils within the County. That assistance takes the form of creating a clearinghouse of information about wildfire risk assessment, funding opportunities from the State and Federal governments, and methods for pre-fire risk reduction. The Council provides another important function through providing a forum for smaller communities to come together to discuss and learn about risk reduction measures. Further, the Council is attempting to coordinate the grant applications from local Fire Safe Councils within the watershed area.