Riding an escalator is a safe thing to do. You would think that a long moving staircase that is suspended feet above the air would pose more of a safety hazard. But the opposite is true; escalators are extremely safe. With millions of people using them around the world, and very few of those people are hurt directly from the escalator itself.

How do escalators do this? With elevator modernisation the addition of various safety features that greatly reduce the chance of injury or escalator malfunction. The escalator has many components that make it move, such as the truss, tracks, and steps. And while these safety features are not needed to move the escalator. They are still important in the overall function of the escalator


  1. Sensors

Sensors can be placed near the landing platforms of both ends of the escalator. These sensors can detect whether a person is on the escalator. And the sensors then tell the escalators to move faster. These sensors can help you save a lot of power by making the escalators use less energy.

  1. Skirt Brush

The skirt brush is a strip of brush combs that are placed on the sides of each step. These skirt brushes prevent any foreign material from falling between the steps. This could prevent accidental dropping of valuables into the escalator. And it can keep the escalator from getting damaged, too.

  1. Balustrade

The balustrade of the escalator is the clear wall that connects the rails to the main body of the escalator. The balustrade is usually made out of clear and strong glass, which will not easily break or shatter. This escalator balustrade prevents people from falling out of the escalator while it moves.

  1. Handrails

Handrails move along with the steps of the escalator. Handrails are made out of soft rubber material so that it will not injure anyone. Gripping the handrail allows passengers to keep steadier while riding the escalator.

  1. Lighting indicator

The lighting indicators tell which the direction the escalator is moving in up or down. It can also let passengers see better in the dark, which will prevent them from tripping on the steps.


If you are planning to purchase an escalator, it is important to note the number of safety features it comes with. Not all escalator models will come with the same number of features. You can ask your escalator manufacturer t install these features on your escalator, and they will gladly do so. Just remember that, with these safety features come more cost too.